I want to develop a web app (cross-platform, mobile is very important). I've got some experience using JS (via game development) but this is going to be a non-game related app. I'm using Webstorm, with data to be stored on Parse.com.

I've started to look into the various options, but what I want to know is how or what is the best basic setup for me to develop my app.

There seems to be something called Boilerplate? and then there's something called Bootstrap? and then finally something called Initializr which seems to be some kind of combination of both of those? From what I've read Boilerplate seems better for server side development?

So my questions are, what is the best combination/setup/use of what libraries/API's should I use to create a basic web app template in Webstorm, to allow me to connect to Parse? and are there any guides or tutorials as to how best to do that?