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    Why would http://jpl.coj.net/pics/jmarron.jpg display as characters in Chrome browser

    When I attempt to display http://jpl.coj.net/pics/jmarron.jpg
    in the Chrome browser, random characters appear instead of the image.

    Sample of characters that display instead of the image:
    JFIFddDucky<�Adobedۄ       ^Ģ   !1AQaq"?2BR#$brtᒢ3Cc4Td%&6SsD5'EUF7A! ?\cm!g s?yZ 8$?CCTFf巔;} {uV0)<@ ;?ƿ* k@? iʪBEj o/N"Vk mN@LO?8t Өq4|h//R2 aU(ϳA|5+RNCf> մO W?=ۛ+ -"h܈(?y7x 6?\0R(&J @Shq oP ^h<E. A D7QIA%@  P. @"7a4 *ƒݕMO*Z&Dr<鷃RL?f:** fE<-T[Mo丕 #:i6o%M[;f*uzĸ|=e@A ĨQ~qf *KvA8A[j:fhm3+dtKS7Et1;צ}tǩjmp|? {u?]ی=L dK؟:Z]s*.?uvD

    I appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you, Elbee

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    It displays as text in Firefox as well. I'll guess it wasn't uploaded in binary mode, but as ascii (text). Upload it to the server again, as binary.

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