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Thread: Gaming portal

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    Gaming portal


    I plan to create a private/non commercial gaming portal for fun and learning purpose within the next year.

    Things I want to implement:
    - gaming portal offering game section, login system, highscore ranks, contact form
    - support of html5/js, flash and unity webplayer games
    - minimalistic cms system for user and game administration
    - webservice for game <-> database communication (highscore rank of gaming portal)

    So this is an enormous project and there are quite a few questions. Some of them are:

    1) Php framework yes/no?
    pro: php frameworks offer a finished, well thought solution, much less work needed with creating a cms functionality or dealing with bugs/security aspects
    con: I only need minimalistic cms functionality anyway and it will take like ~2 months in order to be able to work with such framework, while it will probably always remains easier to work with my own code I produced from scratch
    2) ASP.NET mvc vs. php
    never worked with asp.net but I like coding with C#. Are there some particular pros/cons speaking for/against using ASP.NET over php?
    3) Guides!
    Tbh one of the main issues I currently face is: I don't know where to start=/ Could you suggest some tutorials, books, finished solutions, etc.? I wouldn't mind paying for finished solutions as long as I can get an insight into the source and see how such project can be coded properly.

    I'm thankful for any kind of hint or input of more experienced coders to get on the right track.

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    Make it on drupal

    Start with choosing a domain name, hosting and with drupal installation


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