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    Question Could do with some advice please on how to make a website more 'productve'

    Hi All,

    I have a potential client who has come to me asking my advice on how i could make his site more productive. I'm guessing by productive he means more hits, greater exposure in search engines, etc

    SEO is probably my least comfortable part of website design as i'm not 100% sure what i am doing is correct.

    could someone please give me some tips and pointers on the essential things i should look out for

    What i was going to ask him are

    what keywords does he want to target and see how his page fares on search engines for those.
    how many visitors he is getting at the moment
    does he have a blog or social media websites ie facebook, twitter etc

    not sure what else!

    once i know what keywords he is tartgeting i can then analize his pages to see if the content is relative to the keywords he has chosen. I was thinking of getting him to link his blog to his website so they kinda cross over and will be another souce of traffic.

    Any other tips or recomendatoins would be greatly appreciated!

    P.s great new forum, how come there is not a seperate SEO section(unless i've missed it )? think that would be a great addition

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    All right, and where is a website link?


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