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    Post cross browser captcha solutions

    Hi All,

    just wondering if anyone could recommend a captcha or similar solution to prevent bot attacks which is cross browser compatible? would also be fab if it had a joomla plugin available too but that is not essential


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    The two most effective CAPTCHAs I have come across are:

    1. A password CAPTCHA - where you give each visitor a separate login and they need to enter a password to access anything.

    2. For sites where you can guarantee that all genuine visitors have JavaScript enabled - a JavaScript CAPTCHA that denies access to anyone without JavaScript enabled.

    If neither of those will work then try to select one that doesn't require any action on the part of the person. The less obtrusive the CAPTCHA is the better.

    The worst CAPTCHAs are the ones that display those ridiculous almost impossible to read images.
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    That second one surprises me a bit, Stephen. I get a lot of spam that seems to come from actual people typing stuff in to my forms (at least that's what my own captcha code is deciding). If this is your most effective aside from passwords, are you saying you don't see these apparent "actual people typing spam in forms", or that they don't run JS? Or perhaps the third option, that these are not in fact real people, and it's my own code incorrectly deciding they are human?


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