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    Cool How to build a review site with Wordpress

    I'm building my first wordpress site and custom theme. It's purely an experimental project. I thus far have only dealt in HTML5/CSS3 and a little javaScript and jQuery, so I'm using the best of Google and Lynda.com to help me out but I'm not totally sure what to even search for.

    The site I'm making is a database, kind of like a much smaller Yelp for online courses instead of restaurants. Each online course provider will have a post written by the editor (me) and reviews from visitors. What is the best way to customize comment forms on posts so that reviewers of the course can give star ratings and other custom form feedback (like checkboxes) that will be searchable via side-bar filters?

    The next and much trickier thing is I want to let people add the posts they are most interested in onto a custom favorites list. Ideally the site could automatically e-mail users targeted information about the courses on their lists. If it would be possible to drag post titles onto the expandable side-bar favorites list and have it added without page reload, I would be ecstatic. Especially if the main content of each post could display within in the side bar list under it's title with a show/hide arrow button. I'd also want to be able to track the content of the lists easily for metrics as well (how many people have X post in their favorites, possibly using that number in filters). But baby steps. I am worried that just setting up user accounts/profiles to store each user's favorites lists may be too difficult a feat at my programming level, but I can't see another way to do this.

    It would be cool if in a future phase of development, people could find each other's course lists and the site could possibly facilitate study buddies or discussion groups (forums) based on people with the same posts on their favorites lists. For phase one, it would be nice to just have the individual favorites lists, but have a good framework for adding in more social functionality later on if it's too difficult to figure out now. What is the best way to accomplish the custom user favorites lists (and probably therefore user profiles) in wordpress? Is there a good plugin for this? If not, how can I build this into my site?

    I'm at the very early stages of this. How would you workflow this project???

    Thanks for your help! Hope this is clear.

    I will summarize:
    custom comment fields, user profiles, user favorites lists of posts, ability to use content of favorites lists to automatically send targeted emails, fancy drag and drop into lists, ability to add social stuff in later (unless it's easy add I should add it from the get go), and recommended workflow.

    Any and all advice is welcome
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    Start searching for WP plugins (members register, members login, etc) and social plugins.

    It's all in the plugins with WordPress.

    Any other customizing is a tough haul.


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