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    Question re: Site Transfer

    Ive built a few sites now but have always avoided the server side stuff as it always ends up breaking and confusing me. Figure now is the time to start learning and have a couple of questions as ive hit a block.

    Long story short I did a theme based rebuild on a site for site that my friend and I run. The existing site is hosted on Godaddy but I did the rebuild on my server with Wordpress (Hostgator).

    The entire construction was completed on cloud9.brentwinterton.com and because I didn't think about it enough before hand, Ive run into a bit of a problem. The domain registrar is GoDaddy and I figured for simplicity I would just change the DNS and point to all the new stuff on Hostgator (new). Problem is, the domain is cloud9floatspa.com and thus Ive had to re-create a new domain on my server, which i have now done.

    cloud9.brentwinterton.com - is done and ready to go.

    cloud9floatspa.brentwinterton.com - same database and everything but it seems a few things are amiss and I don't even know where to start. You can compare the two and see what Im talking about.

    a) many many icons are showing up as a weird number scrolling thing.
    b) I used absolute linking throughout the site - am i going to have to change this manually?
    c) When i try to login to wp-admin on cloud9floatspa.brentwinterton.com - i get re-directed to the cloud9.brentwinterton side?

    would it be easier at this point to just backup the database and install that on the godaddy account? or would it be easier to just delete the cloud9.brentwinterton sub-domain and start repairing from there? (theme file and database are backed up)

    Im sure ive missed some details - if this is unclear or more info is needed please let me know. Any and all guidance is greatly appreciated.



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    Because it is wordpress, if it were me, I would put it all on godaddy, starting with a blank site, installing wordpress, and copying just the theme, database, and any media files from the old site to godaddy.

    Just my opinion.


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