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    Confused beginner web developer (questions about stuff)

    Hello everybody i am new here. Probably i am going to be quite active member from now on . Sorry i am not native english speaker.

    Well i have three questions (for now) for web development gurus.

    First i let you know about my knowledge. I know html5, css3, javascript (and jquery), php, mysql, wordpress. Problem is i dont have a lot of experience. I didnt have a real big and serious project yet so here are questions.

    1. I would like to make web portfolio for a friend. I would like him to have a blog on a website. I was thinking not to use wordpress or other any other cms because they are restriced design wise and i would like to have better working knowledge of writing code and designing. But i would like him to have a blog on a site that he could update. He doesnt know code ofcourse. So should i code custom CMS for him? Just for text images and stuff. Is this common practice? What are other practices are for this problem?

    2. I would like to make ecommerce site for my family business. What do you recommend should i code it myself as a begginer. Again i would like to be better at using code. Now i have all rules in my head but i am not confortable to make things with it and that could be excellent exercise. Or should i just use frameworks for ecommerce. I am kinda against that stuff for now and that leads to my third question.

    3. I know that now in a world of web exists a lot of pre written code, frameworks just waiting to put them together in five minutes. But as a begginer dont you think is better to for at least first projects to write most of the code myself. Even if i am doing some of them with tutorials. I would really like to learn code. Not only web languages but aleast one for software(java, c#, c++ and so on). I am not doing this just for the money i am hungry for knowledge and a lot of times this lead me to doing things "the hard and long way" (sounds like title for porno ).

    What is you advice to me dear gurus .

    Thank you very very much.

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    “Wordpress or any other CMS” is not at all restricted design wise. You can create your own custom themes/designs/layouts in all CMSs that are fairly popular. Of course, you should use the self-hosted packages, not any cheap “sign up and have a blog in five minutes” crap. In Wordpress terms that would be wordpress.org, not wordpress.com.

    As to your second and third questions: You can, of course, reinvent the wheel just for the fun of it but creating a full e-commerce site from scratch isn’t a task of a few weeks or months. There is a lot to consider regarding payment, shipping, taxes, international stuff, etc. You can learn code as well by just using, studying, and contributing to one of the already existing open-source software like OpenCart, PrestaShop, oscommerce, and what they’re all named. And the same goes for development frameworks. If you are really interested you aren’t just using them to quickly put some crap together without knowing what you are doing, you are using it and learning the whys and hows, too.


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