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    Question designing a site with little current content, but will grow over time...

    Hi there,
    I'm running into a little bit of a design challenge and would love to find some examples of good design practices for this situation:

    I have a client that has asked me to build a site for an indie film she's producing. But they haven't cast it yet, and won't begin filming for several more months. She has the synopsis, and the production team, and a few pictures of the Sierras (where the movie will take place), but that's basically it. And she's not fond of 1-page websites.

    So I'm sitting here trying to make her very limited content not look so limited, while giving the site room to grow.

    I guess I'm looking for examples of sites with no more than a few short paragraphs of text, but which look engaging and not horribly plain.

    In this case, there's not currently any video that can be included, no social media to integrate (yet), or really anything at all.



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    Well, even though it’s the movie business I would stick to the approach of designing for the content, not the design, and try to convince your client that for now at least there is not enough content to have a multi-page website. So, until the film is actually done a one-page website is totally sufficient. Why would people come to that site? To get information about the film. The site has to and will grow with the information.

    On the other hand, how about a blog describing the process of producing the film? That would generate content automatically and also make a multi-page site.


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