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    How to enable a Web portal-based enterprise platform on different IP domains with JS

    How to enable a Web portal-based feature-rich enterprise platform on different IP domains and server hosts by using JavaScript programming and without relying on server configuration
    Our company Coscend has built a Web portal-based communications and cloud collaboration platform by using JavaScript (JS), which is embedded in HTML5 and formatted with CSS3. Other technologies used in the core code include Flash, Flex, PostgreSQL and MySQL. Our team would like to host this platform on five different Windows and Linux environments that run different types of Web servers such as IIS and Apache.

    Technical challenge: Each of these Windows and Linux servers have a different host name and domain name (and IP address), but we would like to keep our enterprise platform independent of host server configuration.

    Possible approach to solution: We think an API (interface module with a GUI) is needed to accomplish this level of modularity and flexibility while deploying at our enterprise customers.

    Seeking your insights: In this context, our team would appreciate your guidance on:

    1. Is there an algorithmic method to implement this Web portal-based platform in these Windows and Linux environments while separating it from server configuration, i.e., customizing the host name, domain name and IP address for each individual instance?

    2. For example, would it be suitable to create some JS variables / objects for host name and domain name and call them in the different implementations? Any reference to the host/domain names on hundreds of portal modules, would be converted into root-relative path with these variables or JS objects providing the root prefix.

    3. If so, what is the best way to make these object modules written in JS portable and re-usable across different environments and instances for enterprise customers?

    Here is an example of the implemented code for the said platform. Oue Web site CoscendCommunications in the "com" top-level domain, was built using this enterprise collaboration platform and has the base code examples of the platform. This Web site is domain-specific. We like to make the underlying platform such that it is domain and host-independent. This will allow the underlying platform to be deployed in multiple instances of our enterprise customers.

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    Personally I think that your question is quite off-topic here but as it survived several hours then it is probably considered ok by the moderators. So I dare to answer.

    First of all (and you may have already aware of it) JavaScript allows to change everything on the page. Of course, the current location (URL in the browser address bar) can be read and with a little help of the server the IP can be determined. So using these two parameters the JavaScript can completely change the page content or generate all the content on the fly.

    However, this solution will be very insecure so any of you clients can perform very little modification and the resulting page page will be like it was created for another customer. If this risk is negligible for you then its fine. But if it is not then the content should be generated on the server and then delivered to the customer. This is not a big deal - almost all the dynamic sites works in this way.

    If you want your site be modular then there are a lot of very good frameworks. I personally prefer AngularJS, but it may be quite overwhelming in your situation so maybe some custom micro-framework will serve you well.

    Good luck with you project. Let me know if have any other questions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexVN View Post
    Personally I think that your question is quite off-topic here but as it survived several hours then it is probably considered ok by the moderators. So I dare to answer.
    No, youíre right, it is off-topic in the JS forum. There was just no-one around to move it Ė until now.


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