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    Question CDN, how is it better?


    While I understand what CDN is used for, i wish to know how does using CDN help my website to load faster?

    What I mean to ask is, if my browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE) is limited to 4 to 6 simultaneous connections, how will implementing a CDN will help me boost the loading time of my webpage.

    Many thanks in advance for any inputs

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    Quote Originally Posted by cancer10 View Post
    While I understand what CDN is used for, i wish to know how does using CDN help my website to load faster?
    It doesn’t – at least not in any noticeable way if you are using it to include simple scripts like jQuery or whatever. CDNs are great if you have a lot of data transfer, e. g. for video streams or things like that, to take the load off your own server. But nowadays CDNs are way overused and misused to serve every little script without any good reason. And in this regard it might even hurt performance because of multiple connections to different domains/remote servers instead of just one.

    People always bring the caching argument to endorse CDNs but in the case of JavaScript frameworks this really doesn’t fly because it would require all sites to load the same version of the script which they usually don’t. And also, a 40KB file isn’t exactly a big strain on people’s connection or your data transfer volume anymore that a CDN could noticeably compensate.

    There is a good article about this on http://zoompf.com/blog/2010/01/shoul...t-library-cdns

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