Hello to all ! First I should introduce myself ! My name is Andrew Junior , I 'm 16 and I'm Brazilian .
What I seek is the knowledge in this forum , having seen that I 'm not financially able to pay for professional courses in the field of programming !

I've done a course , but the quality of it was very low and I can not even learn the basics , short to not take too much time and going straight to the point :
I want to make an online shop ( web store) !

I do not even know where to start looking or where to find content and to learn about what it takes to create a web store ! Then I will describe how I wish it was that store and you give me feedback of what is needed to make a store of this size and where I can learn !

It is a store where I intend to sell handmade products made ​​by a fellow artist , the store will be small , but I wish there was a side menu with the categories of the type of craft (like lamp, bookshelf , chair, etc. ) . Within categories of products that would be in the center of the site , then the customer choose the product and put it in the cart that would make the sum of the value of products and show the total in the cart I also wish there was a system to calculate the CEP and freight value , and finally to complete the purchase he choose the form of payment!
Basically it would be ! I'll leave the link for a great shop here in Brazil , for you see the model TYPE shop I want!


Anthony before drawing conclusions , as I said earlier , I do not want a ready to customize but what I need to learn to produce a website that containing :

Menu with category;
Product ( inventory control ) ;
cart ;
Calculation of freight ;
Forms of payment slip and paperboard;

And so what I need to do everything and that and WHERE TO FIND THIS INFORMATION ?

I thank you , Andrew Junior .