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    Help make my "send" button send a message to my email!

    Hi there everyone,

    I just completed designing my website but I need some help with one last thing before it is complete.

    On the contact.html page, I have a section where potential clients can send me a message to my email address (ddcreativedesigns@gmail.com). I created a "send" and "reset" button. Here's what I need some help with.

    Once someone has typed out all of the information, when they click the "send" button, I want that to automatically send me their name, email, subject and message (the info they typed into the boxes) to my gmail inbox at the address above. I am not sure how this can be achieved, so any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

    Here's a link to all of the files for my site (HTML, CSS, JS): http://ge.tt/9Ae9pjq/v/0

    Thank you!

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    What server side languages does your hosting support? You need to obtain a form2mail script that is written in one of those languages.
    Learn Modern JavaScript - http://javascriptexample.net/
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    Don't forget to start your JavaScript code with "use strict"; which makes it easier to find errors in your code.

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    Should help:


    Recommend using a server-side script language if your web site allows it. Otherwise, you will have to use a client-side dependent "mailto:" action to get the form info sent to you.

    Your current hosting package or service MUST allow SMTP ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simple_...nsfer_Protocol ) to work. Otherwise, no email can be sent.

    Setting Up the SMTP Service: http://www.code-crafters.com/ability...rial_smtp.html
    Simple Mail Transfer Protocol: http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5321#section-2.3.11

    PHP: Sending Email Tutorial (Text/HTML/Attachments): http://www.webcheatsheet.com/php/sen...attachment.php

    Use any of the below sites to make the workable form you need:

    These are really good online form makers. Just follow the instructions for making it and uploading file(s).

    Contact Form Generator: http://www.tele-pro.co.uk/scripts/contact_form/
    WYSIWYG Form Maker: http://www.jotform.com/?gclid=CNKhqe...FRQhnAod6laUqA

    http://www.reconn.us/content/view/12/34/ (Download - Contact Us Script)

    Form Service: http://www.mycontactform.com/
    Online Free Tool, PHP Contact Form Code Generator: http://www.htmlbasix.com/contactform.shtml
    PHP Mailer Script Step by Step: http://www.htmlgoodies.com/beyond/ph...le.php/3855686
    PHP Sending E-mails: http://www.w3schools.com/PHP/php_mail.asp

    How to Make a Slick Ajax Contact Form with jQuery and PHP: http://www.elated.com/articles/slick...rm-jquery-php/
    Ajax - Creating an HTML Form: http://www.tizag.com/ajaxTutorial/ajaxform.php

    Freebie: Good looking Fluid Contact Form: http://www.flashuser.net/flash-compo...tact-form.html

    Put an online contact form on your site in about 8 minutes (Requires an account): http://response-o-matic.com/

    Form2Email.net (free - Designed to keep away spam. Your e-mail address is hidden in the script. Can be used to send almost any form, and if required, keeps a log of all e-mails. Supports required fields, SMTP, multiple e-mails, auto responder and file upload.): http://www.form2email.net/

    How to submit a form to multiple email addresses: http://webdesign.about.com/b/2008/01...-addresses.htm
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