I am a C/C++ fan(or fanatic) and I think about web developing using them.There are some web frameworks for C++ like Wt,Treefrog,CppCms,C++ Server Pages.But unfortunately,seems like they are not popular.

I think about using C++ with Cgi,but this is not looking a popular way too.I think about writing Apache modules in C,but I have doubts about it's popularity.

The problems with being not so popular are:

1-Finding tutorials on web is not possible or there are very few.
2-Let's say that I create a web site using one of them,then I want to sell my website.The problem I see is,it seems like not possible to sell the website because the person who will buy the website will have to have web programmers who know developing with the unpopular C++ framework,unpopular C++ cgi.or unpopular Apache mods in C(I am not sure if it's really unpopular).
3-If one day I decide to create a large website and want to have a group of web programmers to develop further,it would be unlikely to find web programmers who know these unpopular frameworks,cgi,apache c mods.

If there are errors in my thoughts please correct me,or if you have a good solution tell me.But please don't recommend me other programming/scripting languages.