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    Broad Question on Multi-Currency&Multi-Language

    Hey guys,

    I am a junior developer and a potential deal just came my way that I am not sure if its over my head.

    They currently run Wordpress, using multi-site to tie together 3 separate websites. Only 2 of which are used primarily. One is Consumer facing, the other requires login for their dealers.

    The Job:

    On the consumer side, they would like to implement multi-currency & multi-language capability.

    The client just left an agency and told me they were advised it would be best to leave Wordpresses platform as they are growing beyond whats its made for. Is this true?

    In either case, can anyone suggest some plugins or other CMS's that I can research?

    Sidenote: Is a job like this crazy complicated? I want to keep picking up projects that force me to learn, but i dont want my learning to have an impact on the client.

    Any and all insight appreciated.


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    You haven't made it clear whether this is an eCommerce site or not - I'm assuming it is because you mention multi-currency.

    If the site is primarily eCommerce then you might be better served by a dedicated eCommerce platform. I'm personally a fan of Opencart, which supports multiple currencies out of the box, and multiple languages via free/purchased extensions. Like Wordpress, it's PHP based, and you can implement mods via extensions (comparable to Wordpress plugins) or by developing your own mods. Another comparable platform worth looking at (although I haven't used it myself) is PrestaShop.

    The quality of Wordpress eCommerce plugins varies wildly, I think, not sure what your client is running at the moment. From personal experience, some are much better and easier to customise than others (WooCommerce is much better than WP eCommerce, for example), but I've yet to see one that is anything like as comprehensive as a dedicated platform.

    Hope that helps...
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