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    file names and browser display (index.html etc.)

    Hello, I'm running XXAMP and I've noticed that, while viewing directories, some filenames 'force' my browser (I use Firefox or Chrome) to display the page by default rather than the list of files.

    Examples would be index.html, home.html, or header.html (or any of those as .php) ... if those filenames are not present, I just get a simple list of clickable filenames.

    My questions are:
    1) What is the name for this behavior? (I don't know what to call it, to be able to search for info about it.)
    2) Can someone link to a beginner-friendly explication of how this works, and/or provide one here?


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    You basically want to guard against this, either by putting a 'dummy' index page in the directory, one that might redirect someone back to the home page, or by the server settings via htaccess or the httpd.config file. You'd be amazed at how many sites leave their Images directory unguarded.
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