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    Can I repair damage I did by changing web page address?

    I have a ten page website and all was working well on Google search until I messed up.

    An existing page on my website had this address: http://kingdom-of-god-heaven.org/matthew-5-14.htm and that page did work fine, but then I made a change.

    Page content remained the same, but I changed that address to: http://kingdom-of-god-heaven.org/mat...14-meaning.htm

    I made all the necessary changes on home page etc. but now Google search will not list the page I changed. It has been over 2 weeks now. My home page and other pages still work fine and do come up on Google.

    Is there any way I can repair the searchable damage I did to this particular page? Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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    You need to do a so-called “301 redirect”, that means when someone (or something such as a search engine spider) is accessing the page on the old URL, serve them a status code 301 (“Moved”) in order to notify them that the resource has moved somewhere else, and then ideally apply an automatic redirection. This way the search engine robots will reassign their results to the new URL.

    This sounds complicated but is relatively simple and best done with an .htaccess file. You create a new file called .htaccess (yes, with period in front) and put that in your web root directory. Here is a tutorial on what to put in that file: http://css-tricks.com/snippets/htaccess/301-redirects/

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    As well as the 301 you could also submit your website to the google webmasters tool (will need a free google account) and generate an xml sitemap, which you submit to the tool. You can find xml generators on the web. Once you have done this it will let google know which pages your website uses and help them crawl it better.

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