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    E-mails Being Blocked on Google Apps Email?!

    I'm sorry this isn't strictly relevant but thought the knowledgable posters on this forum would be the most likely people to find a solution to the problem I'm having:

    I recently set up a Google apps for business account so that my client (Cotswold Pizza Co.) could receive e-mails at info@cotswoldpizza.co.uk, but use the Gmail interface (which they find very easy to use).

    I then changed the MX records for my domain so that my client could access the Google apps mail via mail.cotswoldpizza.co.uk.

    Now, as they are a catering business, their website (which is a Wordpress build) features a booking/reservation plugin (which came with the theme - Victoria). We noticed shortly after putting the website up that booking/reservation notification emails were not being received, so my client was missing booking requests as they had to log-in to the back to see if any new requests had been made.

    I assumed it was a problem with the plugin, but after changing my Wordpress admin notification e-mail, it looks more like an issue with the e-mail settings, as e-mails were getting through without any issue when my admin e-mail was my own personal e-mail address (which is as Gmail).

    I've also tried setting up a forwarding email address at Gmail (which will forward all e-mails on to the info@ email), setting my Wordpress admin email as the new forwarding address and receiving the mail at info@ this way. However, it still hasn't solved it, and messages are still being blocked, and cannot be found in spam or anywhere else in the info@ e-mail account.

    What could be stopping the e-mails getting through?
    Any help is GREATLY appreciated,


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    That is odd if it is being blocked. Google apps is basically using the same setup as Gmail, therefore you would have thought anything considered spammy would end up in the spam folder.

    It may be something specific within the coding of the booking form. We had a problem once where a form kept ending up in Outlook's junk mail folder.

    I think one of our devs played around with the code a bit until eventually it didn't get classed as being spam.

    Also check the various account settings in your main google apps admin to see if they may put any light on the problem.


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