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    Help! sitename.com VS. sitename.com/index.html

    Hello, I feel like this is most likely going to be really easy for someone to help me with, but I've been searching google and forums for hours and have yet to come across an answer.

    I'm trying to make the site more SEO friendly, and I've heard that having a redirect so that sitename.com/index.html or www.sitename.com/index.html redirecting to www.sitename.com is beneficial, as they are each a separate page in Googles eyes and avoids duplicate content.

    Unfortunately, the service I use doesn't allow the use of an .htaccess file. I don't really care to hear advice like "Get a new plan/host/etc."

    What I am looking for is just a way to redirect all the "home" links on my pages to www.sitename.com rather than www.sitename.com/index.html, so that I can at least have everything uniform within my page links, and can worry about server side issues later. (I realize other pages like contact will still show as www.sitename.com/contact.html in the URL, but for the index.html i just want it to show up in the URL as www.sitename.com link on my other pages)

    Hopefully someone can help me out cause I'm stuck

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    This will be a server side issue if they do not allow .htaccess, I would recommend changing host. I know this is unfortunate as you have probably spent money with them but I'm sure they will offer you a refund?

    My companies hosting allows any modifications and allows .htaccess, I can offer you 50% off any of our packages seeing as you are going through this problem.


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