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    Workflow suggestions?

    A general question to avoid overwritten/lost files with multiple coders involved. if anybody has suggestions based on their experience. I haven't had to work with multiple coders before. I want to make some workflow suggestions, to improve things. Maybe I'm doing it wrong. Maybe they are?

    I work in a new office, jumping back and forth building several websites at a time. Other people also jump in to make changes to make little corrections.

    BUT, there's no consistency on how files are accessed. I download the files from DEV, and work on my computer locally, then upload the files to test. But I've run into problems with other people working directly from the DEV folder itself. That's the way everyone else heredoes it - and there's no central server to work from. Just our computers, and the dev folder on their website's server.

    Once my work is approved, I upload my local files to the final site location, and then somebody complains that their changes weren't updated on the live site (because the files they did are online in the DEV folder. Not included with my local files.

    Is there someway to "check out/check in" these files? or something? a workflow to avoid issues? I don't like working straight out of the dev folder online.

    (I should add, I have MAMP on this computer, but it does no good if my computer isn't the central location that people are accessing files from)
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