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    The main tool of a web designer is a graphics program such as photoshop. They do not necessarily need to know any HTML etc as they can easily get a coder to write that for them. Good web design is definitely not easy. You need a really good knowledge of colour theory as well as knowing a lot about accessibility and usability.

    A web developer will know server side languages and probably HTML etc as well. It involves a completely different skill set and to get the best designed and functioning web site you need an expert from both areas - something almost never found in the one person.
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    OK, I think this thread has run its course and is only attracting people with poor language skills and equally poor advice. A few final words before I close this thread, though:

    Web design/development is actually much more than just learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and more than just good knowledge of color theory. It’s more about user interface/interaction design. While you have to know about the classic principles of graphic design (color theory, typography, layout best practices), as a good web designer you also have to know about directing the visitors’ attention appropriately in order to navigate them through the site most effectively. You have to think about interaction (what happens if the user clicks this link or moves the pointer from here to there) and layout (what’s the most important info to show so that it’s visible without complications on any device). You have to anticipate the browsing behavior and preferences of the prospective audience and make the website work (i. e. serve its intended purpose) regardless of the screen resolution, browser window size, or device parameters.

    The first step to becoming a good web designer is to read Steve Krug’s book “Don’t make me think”.

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