I have been working on v2.0 of my website, and it was about done when I discovered that while under development, my Content has far outgrown my new design?!

v2.0 was built around a horizontal Navigation Bar with 5 Tabs, each representing a "Section". (There is enough room for maybe a total of 8-10 Tabs.)

The problem is that I estimate I have over 30 Sections of Content, and I'm panicking with what to do?!

As you might guess, since this is a home-rolled website, changing the structure of the whole site would have a major impact including requiring me to re-do most of my Apache mod_rewrites and significant portion of my PHP. (That could easily set me back 6-9 months!!!)

Here is hoping people with more experience than me have some ideas of how to tackle this problem I discovered last week...