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    Forced to use a CMS and trash my original design.

    I'm into freelance front end web design (starting my 3rd year, so I'm still new), and I am now dealing with my fourth client. We had our first meeting and from my understanding, she just needed a site for her radio show for people to visit, and get basic information. It would be a pretty static site. We were excited to begin the new project. I have been sending her emails and showing her updates on the layout design of her site and she loves it.

    --2 months later--

    We just had a meeting today, and now she is talking about wanting to be able to update the site herself from her iPad while she is on the road because now she is telling me she is going to be updating a ton of content on her own, AND she wants a blog integrated on the site. None of which were discussed in the original meeting. Of course me thinking this will be a static site, I coded it from scratch using HTML, CSS, and jQuery. My site at its current state does not have the tools necessary to perform like this. This changes EVERYTHING for me. Unless she wants to learn how to go into the back-end of my code and update herself, pictures, text, and all (horrible idea), I'm going to have to ditch the design I spent countless hours working on to put together a new site in a CMS.

    My problem is I have not worked solely in a CMS before, so trying to duplicate or come close to my original design I had in something I'm not too familiar with is going to be impossible (if not that a serious hassle). I'm not sure how I should get started or if there is even a solution. She is hosting using GoDaddy, and it has WordPress. Any suggestions? Please help me.
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    if she wants to blog then give her a blog. Mod some guestbook script and put it on sub-page

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    Any decent CMS is working with themes/templates and is totally flexible when it comes to implementing your own design. Of course, your design has to be flexible to adapt to dynamic content and if it isn’t then it’s not a good design in the first place, this is my honest opinion.

    So, try out a few CMSs on http://www.opensourcecms.com/ and choose the one you think is most suitable for your client. I had/have good experiences with CMS Made Simple and Concrete5. Wordpress is OK, too, but for me (still) more a blogging software rather than a real website CMS.

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    There are some themes for WordPress that basically just give you a basic structure where you can then build a child theme consisting primarily of your CSS to define how the page is supposed to look and any minor tweaks that you need to make to get it to match how you want it to look.
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    Have you thought about looking on themeforest.net for a theme and then making the necessary modifications to tailor it for her needs?

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    Don't forget to have your client pay you for services rendered, then write up a new contract for a totally new site.


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