I am doing a project on translation and I need help getting hold of a free Language Translator API.

On the website I am designing, I want to have a 'Google Translate' style box, where a user will be able to type in any passage of text and it will be translated automatically through all the languages available on Google Translate in alphabetical order.
I.e from English>
Afrikaans>Albanian>Arabic>Belarusian>Bulgarian>Catalan>Chinese >Croatian...... >Yiddish> and back to English again.

So the final result is a piece of text that doesn't really make sense, but has methodically been translated directly through all the languages.

I know how to get access to translator APIs to translate from one language into another, but have no idea how to code the instructions to create this translation cycle, translating directly from one language into the next, into the next.

I recently learned that Google Translate API is no longer free to use, so any other free translation tool would be great.

Would anyone be of help??

Thank you so much!! I really want to make this work!!