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    How to make a Members Page

    I am making a simple website which will have lots of static pages and a login/register page from where a customer log's in. The interface which he receives when he logs in should be similar to the one at coding forums.com members page. i.e. it will have a tabbed page where there will be many forms.

    I am actually quite a newbie and dont know how to achieve it. I know how to use html and css but how to achieve the part of customer management page.

    Can someone please direct me to some tutorial or video tutorial from where I can start. It doesn't need to be as good as codingforums one, but thats the general idea of what I am trying to achieve.

    Thank you

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    Are you asking how do you protect certain pages from being viewed if a visitor is not logged in? That is handled using sessions. You'll need to pick a server-side language (such as PHP, ASP, Ruby, etc) and handle the pages on that side of things.

    The basic idea is when you verify a user's account name and password, you set a session variable up that persists across all pages, and then at the top of any page you want to protect, check that session variable and if it's set correctly, display the page.

    If your question is not the one I answered, sorry about that-- ask it again another way.


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