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    site being down would cause loss of google ranking?

    Last week my hosting company’s hosting servers started going bad including mine… and they gave no time frame for fixing for a few days where my sites were extremely slow. Then they gave me the bright advice of migrating to newer server of theirs, telling me that there would be no downtime or very little and as soon as I correct hosting name servers for databases, they would be up again. But then when it was complete my sites were down…. this time they said “oooh ok sorry you need to do a 2nd phase of migration now and they will (should) be up again…” my most important sites, which are my business, are down since many hours now and now they are saying they may stay down for up to 3 days and not doing anything about it except telling me that 2nd phase of migration is in process and nothing can be done!! (I have several small static html sites and they are ok however)

    Anyway my question is, the fact that my sites were extremely slow since several days and they are down since this morning and may continue to be down for another 2-3 days in godaddy’s eternity, would that affect my google rankings negatively on the keywords that I was good at?
    Also if I migrate to another hosting company, would that have any negative effect or would that cause any link changes etc? note: I have all my files and database backups up to date.

    Can anybody tell me what might be going on? Several small html sites are fine. 2 vbulletin sites are coming up but veeery slow. And 2 wordpress sites are completely down.

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    I tried godaddy hosting out once years ago and didnt care for it. domain name registrar part doesn't seem all that bad, but then again of the 4 domains I have only one is still through godaddy, the rest have been transfered.

    As far as downtime effecting your google rank. In short it does and will. BUT it depends on when the bots look at your site(s). If a site loads slow enough it may cause problems with the crawl.. So in essence a slow site is almost as bad as a offline site.

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    As far as I know, Google does take into account server uptime when ranking a site. After all, they shouldn't want to rank a non-responsive website. Having said that, if you think you need to migrate servers to get better latency, then you should do it, because guess what? Google also takes into account website load times. My advice would be to fix the issue and move on.


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