Hello codingforums.com. Recently I joined a project coding a website. I am not a skilled coder whatsoever and I wanted to help build this website to force myself to learn. I'm a learn by doing kind of guy. So my first task given to me was this:

well what you need to do is a script that gets the current url and do a
cleanQuery and regex test on it after that insert it to database with the
name, link and current user ID, you can also add a index on it

when you click the bookmark icon you can do a msgbox("title", "htmlcode
to add name");

get url with js or php, example (url for site)
cleanquery is a function in lib.php so include it with include_once
and regex is preg_match(regex, string)
I'm not asking anyone to do this for me don't get me wrong. I am just having a hard time understanding exactly needs to be done. I'm having a hard time picturing what he wants from me. Can someone show me an example of what is being asked here? If I see some examples I am sure that I can get started. Thanks alot for reading.