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    What are the options for Non Php CMS?

    I am trying to use a CMS that can do everything but is not based on php as I don't want my hands to get stuck in something that I don't know and I don't want to know.
    There are lots of CMS that are non php but I don't want to use one CMS this day and then start using another one another day. Can someone provide me various names that are good CMS (professional level).

    Just one more thing, I don't want to make another post for it, I heard that php is a very complicated and not well designed language. I am not worried about complicated but if it is not well designed I don't want to invest my time in it. I want to go for alternatives that are much better than php and are without any flaws. But I don't know which languages they might be, some people say its ASP, Java, C#, Ruby etc.

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    If it's online, it has flaws.
    Nothing is 100% secure or 100% reliable.

    Do you have your own secure server / web server that you built and configured yourself?
    If you plan on using anyone else's or a shared webhost ... you're at their mercy.


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