I've been looking all over for something that I'm pretty sure might already exist (and I might not know the right name).

The company I work for has a ton of PowerPoint presentations on different topics and we'd like to create a decision-tree type of compiler for our sales force to create efficient presentations based on their specific market and needs.

For example, let's say I'm from Texas, visiting a new, national client in NY, in the healthcare industry. By answering a few A/B questions the system would be able to put together a presentation that would include:
1) Company Profile (self contained 3 page PDF)
2) Information about the Texas market (self contained 3 page PDF and a video)
3) National Demographic Data (self contained 10 page PDF)
4) Healthcare related presentations (self contained 2 page PDF)

Is there anything out there like that?

Thank you for your help :-)