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    Where to start? (which technology)?

    Hello Coders.

    I'm new here, but I had a quick look around and this appeared to be the most welcoming/informative web programming forums.

    I'm not new to solving problems or programming but I am relatively new to web development. My background is mainly with Microsoft technologies, particularly .net and SQL server. But I now need to move on and the web is increasingly coming up in my customer's application needs.

    But I'm looking at all these new technologies and what are you are all doing with them and I'm wondering what is going to be the best place to begin.

    I have been given the requirements for my first "web app" and thankfully a they are relatively straightforward, but i dont know if one technology alone is going to cut it.

    So I simply want to ask, which technology/(ies) I should maste first.

    My first web app requirements:

    The app is to take current information about a client's investment portfolio, and to produce quotes/summaries based on my customer's opportunities.

    • A form to collect the information.
    • A series of tabs at the top. (Certain tabs depend on certain answers)
    • Each tab could contain:
    • A grid showing calculations on the collected data
    • Possibly a tab or two with summaries/charts
    • The ability to produce/print/email a PDF file of the tabs contents.
  2. Compatible to any platform (laptops/tablets).
  3. Save the data/quotes for reuse.

  4. I think a good place to start would be PHP/MySQL... But what else will I need for the frills.

    I've mocked this up in c#, so I know where I'm heading in terms of business logic and UI.

    Thanks in advance, any help given will be massively appreciated.


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    New to the CF scene
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    Oct 2012
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    Well Liam, you would obviously need Html and at least a little CSS...
    Html is for creating the basic webpage
    CSS is for the design
    ^Sorry if i am being to simple, you probably already know these 2

    You could also use JavaScript for the TABS or JQuery....

    That's as much info as i can give you at the moment, if you need anymore help just message me.

    Good Luck!
    For tutorials on Web languages i would recommend visiting W3Schools


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