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    3D interactive functionality

    if you look on this site they have two features in the middle of the page called 3D Kitchen Designer and Edge Tool. i need to create similar functionality for a new website and want to get my head around what's involved in building these.

    i'm assuming its done with javascript?

    how complicated is it to build something like these tools? if i were to post the jobs on a freelancing website, whats a rough estimate of the amount i would need to budget for?

    please advise. thanks in advance.

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    that's java aplet not javascript.
    you could build it easily in javascript simply swapping images.
    you stack several pics one of top of another. each of them have only one element of entire thing, and you change then depending on what client clicks.
    piece of cake.
    depending what you want to customize using this interface, taking photos and processing them afterwords might be a pain tho
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    Its made in JAVA and not JAVASCRIPT as far as i could see
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    Cool reply

    I got as far as you with 3D-Analyze -- the game doesn't crash, but all you can see is a rectangle bottom-right containing the eye.

    But I found a new solution -- SwiftShader. Download the demo, pull out the d3d9.dll file and stick it in the Dreamfall folder. Unlike 3D-Analyze, which just says "Yes I have pixel-shaders" to the game, this DLL really does emulate pixel-shaders. Unfortunately the game gives an error pretty soon after starting.

    The swiftshader demo is over a year old, but I found a later version inside a game called Galapago. Download the demo from Yahoo games, pull out the swiftshader.dll file and copy it to the dreamfall folder with the name d3d9.dll.

    Dreamfall now works on my laptop (despite the useless intel graphics) !!!!!

    It still gives an error at some point but the graphics really do work.

    I wonder how we could get hold of a demo of the latest version of swiftshader in order to see how much it has improved.

    It's possible that the latest version of swiftshader is actually inside cedega so it might be even better running in Linux than in Windows.

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