I am new to SharePoint and am trying to make the formula below work in a SharePoint list. I first tried and succeeded with part 1. Then I added part two and it will not calculate.

Is my error the number of nested IF statements or some other shortcoming. I would appreciate any suggestion(s) to improve. By the way I have yet to add 6 additional IF statements. Many thanks in advance for the help.

Part 1
=IF([Rate Compliance]="Statute/High (30)","30",IF([Rate Compliance]="Statute/Med (28)","28",IF([Rate Compliance]="Statute/Low (26)","26",IF([Rate Compliance]="DOI Regulation/High (28)","28",IF([Rate Compliance]="DOI Regulation/Med (26)","26",IF([Rate Compliance]="DOI Regulation/Low (24)","24",

Part 2
IF([Rate Customer Intimacy]="Cust/Agent Exper/>10% of Book (28)","28",IF([Rate Customer Intimacy]="Cust/Agent Exper/5-10% of Book (26)","26",IF([Rate Customer Intimacy]="Cust/Agent Exper/<5% of Book (24)","24")))))))))