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    How to clone a forum?

    I have a very specific project(group of projects) that requires the assistance of experienced individuals such as yourselves. The goal and what I am wanting to do is clone an existing forum. What i mean by "clone", is to copy posts,threads, and categories/topics/forums/subforums. For example, if i create a forum in the Internet Marketing field, I would like to know how to gather posts and threads from already existing forums; in this case, I would like to get posts/threads from warrior forum and digital point ect... It is without a doubt possible, as the examples I have cited below are testimony to its efficacy.

    For the primary example,the forum es5 has a TON of duplicate/cloned posts/threads from other forums. Two of which are black-hat-world and black-hat-team(no hyphens). When you search Google for the name of a thread or post on B-H-T or B-H-W, Google will display the original post or thread on either b-h-t or b-h-w AS WELL as es5 forums. My goal is to do what es5 has obviously done and gather posts from other forums. That is my question and what I desperately need to know how to do. How can I create a forum like es5 and gather posts from other forums? Any informaion is greatly appreciated.

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    Yes, that is possible with a bit of know how. You could do that with scripting or with a program; similar to the leeching program that ripped from places like Warez-BB a couple of years ago.

    But there's something you're missing.

    If you rip off those posts, you are taking content posted by others that is not yours.

    If you want your site to be a success - it's going to take a lot of hard work - and even then nothing's guaranteed. But ripping off others to try and fluff up your post content and numbers; that's just asking to fail.

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    Not to mention the huge copyright issue. Thread closed.


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