Hello Everyone,

I have a small problem and I wanted to ask a question here. I asked about it in the WHMCS forum and I haven't received any replies.

I need to disable some of the form fields in my registration form. I went into the clientregister.tpl and made some edits. This removed the items from my form but now I am left with 3 problems.

First, the labels, such as address, city, state, etc., still show up. I tried removing them in the template but it didn't work and I had to start over with a new clientregister.tpl page. Is there a way I can remove this text?

I included the link here:

Also, I am having problems removing the phone number for some reason. I replaced 'text' with 'hidden' and put a '0' for the value but it still does not remove the phone number field.

And third, I tried to remove the state & country, but I don't know how to remove the dropdown.

If I have to keep the phone number then I'll leave it but I really need to move those labels in the form. I'm supposed to be a webmaster and it looks very unprofessional for my form to look like this.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me. Once again I tried to find the answers in WHMCS but I couldn't find help with these problems.