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Thread: Design

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    Smile Design

    Good afternoon,
    First off thank you to anyone who helps me out I am extremely grateful. Now on the why I am here I need Ideas and help with and website idea. What I am trying to do is create a website and that only specific people can register (people from my work). The website will be about substitution. I need a way for people to post on the site asking for a sub. A different person will accept the post and confirm that they will work for the person who posted the sub. Also when the the a request for a sub is confirmed it will some how be sent to the managers to create a hard copy. I don't know how the managers will receive the complete sub request. Maybe an Email,Log-in on the site,Fax idk. Also when a request is complete it will be removed. If anyone is confuzzled just let me know, and Ill be more that happy to answer your questions.
    P.S. I would like to make it User Friendly

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    Do you have any experience in web design/development? This will take a couple different techniques combined to complete what your after.


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