Hello all, I hope you're able to help me out with this cause I'm having some troubles.

I have a client (who owns a deli) and they want to be able to edit their daily specials by editing a GoogleDoc document. I have it set up already for the specials page (just embeded the document into the page) which is exactly what they wanted. However, I have on another page a sidebar where they would like the specials to be shown also. However, I cannot figure out if there is even a way to take the content from a GoogleDoc document, and put that content into a web page.

I'm using PHP, JavaScript with jQuery and HTML (obviously). I've been searching for a while and couldn't find anything except for installing something on the server (which I rent so I don't believe I can do that). Anyways, I'd just like to be able to take content from a document and put it in an HTML <aside>.