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    Opinion on WordPress vs. other CMS's

    Does anyone have an opinion on wordpress vs. other content management systems? I'm curious as to the general consensus about WP in the professional web development field, and would love to hear thoughts on the subject.
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    I've used WP, but haven't used drupal or joomla.I guess those three would be the most popular3 that are most alike. I've also used another one called Mura, but its Coldfusion based.

    I've heard drupal and joomla have a bit more learning curve. Either way, as far as easy projects for clients, CMS's are the way to go IMO. Once you set up your first, they get easier, and make for quick completion which means quicker paydays..lol

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    I had to implement Wordpress for a few projects but everything other than simple blogs would become a little laborious to maintain. In my opinion there’s not much use in comparing Wordpress with other CMSs as each will have its strengths and weaknesses. In my perception Wordpress (as well as Movable Type) is strong as a blogging platform while other CMSs like Joomla, Drupal, CMS Made Simple, etc. are much more aimed at actual content management with everything that comes with it. These CMSs often also have blog modules/extensions to complement the basic software but these are not as strong as Wordpress.

    In the end it’s the type of the project that decides which software is best.

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    Wordpress is quite simple and easy to use also best CMS for sharing and blogging contents. But it is not developer friendly. While Drupal is developer friendly. But it is little bit costly than Wordpress and Joomla. Finally Joomla is friendly for every types of developer and designer. But it is not powerful CMS as Drupal and also little confusing than Drupal.


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