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    Invisible text frowned upon by Google? Even get you banned?

    I would like to use a few sentences of invisible text at the bottom of my page. This text would be the same color as the background, so it would be invisible.

    I heard Google may ban you if you do this with keywords, but I would be using the same text content that's embedded in my flash content. I would like to do this because Google doesn't read my flash text.

    Anyone know if Google looks at this as no-no? Will they ban me?

    Thanks in advance for anyone's help.

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    I don't think so, and here's why...
    People use <div> sections all the time, where they are hidden or invisible,
    as part of the actual layout and operation of the page. If Google "banned" them,
    and not sure what "ban" means (Google doesn't ban people), that CSS feature
    would be an invalid way of scripting.

    Keep in mind that Google is not the only search engine, and in the next few years,
    the importance of Google will diminish. Google has become too good of a structured
    index. Better search engines are appearing that don't index "junk", like Google does.

    The internet is going through a lot of changes now, especially with HTML5/CSS3


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