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    Thoughts on Squarespace?

    I listen to This Week in Tech (with Leo Laporte aka the Tech Guy as host) and it seems almost every episode includes an advertisement for a website/service called Squarespace. For reference, here is their website:

    As I understand it, Squarespace would be considered a Content Management System and provides templates or layouts (among other things) for websites for a monthly fee. I know HTML and CSS, and am working on learning PHP and MySQL but I have doubts about whether I will ever really be good at making a website look aesthetically pleasing (ie graphic design). So I am considering the possibility of using Squarespace (or whichever CMS is best for my needs) for the initial graphic design of the website(s) I want to create.

    So I just wanted your guys' thoughts on such services. Are they any good or not even worth the money? It's anywhere from $13-$40 per month (http://www.squarespace.com/pricing/) which doesn't seem too bad if you were to compare it to actually hiring a graphic designer. Of course once I were able to monetize my website well enough I would invest in a good graphic designer but for initial start-up perhaps a service like Squarespace would work well?

    I've looked up reviews for Squarespace but they all seem to be at least a couple of years old and I am pretty sure they are too out of date to get a good verdict.

    If there are any other good substitutes that you guys like then I would love to hear about them. Thanks in advance!
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