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    Iphone apps and rss... please help me!


    - I am a newbie here and believe it or not a newbie on forums so please dont attack me for being naive! -

    I am in need of some advice but i cant give out too many details of the functionalty as i am bound by an NDA!

    There are 2 areas i need your help, firstly:

    1. Is there a way to generate an automated real time RSS feed for any live ecommerce website? or does the user have to create a static product feed and upload it to a given server which they update each time? Is the latter how Google Shopping works?

    2. Ia it possible to produce an iphone app that connects to a filesharing site like mediafire so that an iphone user can upload files to my mediafire account (like dropbox) and i can collect the given files when i log in?

    Thanks! Doug

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    About #1 ...

    I'm not sure if you are talking about the owner of the ecommerce site?

    The owner of the site can create a PHP script that will render an XML file
    each time it is executed. Any user can activate the script when they wish
    to read the XML file. An XML file is what an RSS feed is. This method ...
    I suppose it could be considered an API (application programming interface).

    But, a user just can't get a live XML feed from any site unless the site owner
    has create a script that does that. Usually, an XML file (RSS feed) is generated
    and cached (not in real time).

    Alternatively, a site owner could generate an XML file each time an item is added
    or removed. This would create a current XML file, but not necessarily "live".

    So are you talking about this from the site owner's perspective, or a user perspective?


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