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    Cool Trouble getting to my server behind school's port filter, help?

    Hey everyone, well, I have this here http server, running at home, on port 536. The reason being, my ISP blocks incoming port 80 connections just for kicks, unless I upgrade to a pricier package. Albeit, my school blocks all outgoing traffic on all ports except 80. We don't understand why, we just know that they do, most likely because they got word that I set up a server while I was bored, and are spiting me for fun.

    I was told to use port redirecting software, sending incoming 80 connections to port 536 on my server. However, this doesn't exactly work, since my server running the redirection software will never actually get a connection on 80 from the wide web (remember the ISP).

    Is there a solution?

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    i'd start by asking the school why the block all other traffic, and if they'd be willing to make an exception.

    if they're not willing to make an exception, you're pretty much out of luck.

    if you're not willing to ask them that question, then this isn't the right place to ask for help.
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    First time heard school doing that, but I've heard company only allowing http traffic to go out before.

    I agree there is no way out unless you can find a point to forward the ports somewhere in between your school and ISP. I would look for another ISP...
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