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    msn, yahoo, jirc, chatspace.

    For the last time! does anyone know of a chatroom like yahoo's, msn's, jirc, or chatspace. Wait let me rephrase that does anyone know of of a chatroom thing for the server such as chatspace or jirc that is preferable free? and no hotscipts does not have one. I would like some advice on a specific one not just a link to some site like cgicity or hotscipts....

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    well, firstly, I don't.

    I thought I did but I couldn't find what I was looking for. If I find it I'll repost.

    The trouble is, a decent chat is gonna have to use an applet or else refresh very often. I have seen one like that and I didn't think you would be interested because it was rubbish!

    ...so you're looking at a Java applet, or an ActiveX plugin, etc. OR maybe there is something using .NET that could do it (I hardly know anything about .NET)

    so, sorry I am not posting a link or giving any proper help, but maybe you are not getting a response because there simply isn't an answer? I mean, all the chat stuff I have seen has been commercial if it's been any good... and the other stuff has been awful.

    Ah well just ignore me if you like Lots of people out there know lots more than me about lots of thing, so there is still a chance someone can help you

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