I am looking to design and maintain a site, hopefully with plenty of members...however, I am having a bit of trouble.

Since I can't seem to word it correctly, I will just line up a scenario:

A new member registers and they are sent a confirmation e-mail to activate their account. Upon activation/logging in, said member would be given his own profile page (a little like MySpace) which he could use to add personal information and other goodies you would expect to see on a profile page (avatars, etc.).

Now, I have several questions, as I am doing this in an attempt to learn overall.

1) In which web language would this best be programmed?
2) Would MySQL be the best application to keep track of membership data?
3) How would I make it so that when a user is verified, a new page would be created specifically for him?
4) How would I set up the automatic e-mail verification?
5) Where can I find more information on this sort of thing?

I know this is a lot of questions, however I am willing to read up on any guides or other resources to better my skills and accomplish this. And of course, any help is much appreciated.