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Thread: htaccess:

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    I've been trying to block a user by denying their IP addresses in an htaccess file. But I've recently noticed that this person has managed to view pages of my site via the German translation of Google. How can I completely block translations by Google or any other translation site ?
    And do I have to block all languages ? Or can I choose the ones that are allowed to translate pages of my site ?

    Thanks for any help !

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    That's tough to control. What happens if that user accesses using
    someone else's computer? What is the reason for banning? Maybe you
    need to think outside the box (come up with something different).

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    yeh as mlseim says, its tough to control who sees your pages if they use a different PC from their own.

    I reckon you might need to password protect those pages that you want to limit viewings of. Then, only those who you authorise can see them however, I don't know how you would identify this specific individual.


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    By going through a site like the Google translator, they are basically reading your page through a proxy/third party server. There are probably 10's of thousands of proxy servers on the Internet, each with their own IP address. It is also easy to obtain a new IP address if they did not want to go to the trouble of finding a different proxy server to use. So, banning IP addresses is not an effective method of limiting access to your content.

    What exactly are you trying to prevent? Hot linking of images, which uses your bandwidth? Or limiting access to content on some of your web pages?

    To stop hot linking, it is necessary to start a session on your web page and then dynamically output images only if the session exists. [Note: The reason I did not mention checking the HTTP_REFERER header is that every proxy script I have examined sets this to the URL being requested, so it looks like the REFERER is the site where the images are being fetched from.]

    To limit access, it is necessary to use email verified registration and login. This however, will only slow someone down, as it is easy to obtain any number of free email accounts that could be used to register with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CFMaBiSmAd View Post
    To stop hot linking, it is necessary to start a session on your web page and then dynamically output images only if the session exists.
    Wouldn't it be easier to use htaccess?


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