Hi there, I would introduce myself but you can already see what my username is. Getting to the point uncomfortably quickly. I recently had an idea for a piece of code that would only be considered a website by definition. The idea was a fake sequel generator that would only use three variables: the name of an existing video game or movie franchise, a number from 1 to 99, and finally a the subtitle of an existing sequel (eg: at world's end, tokyo drift, etc) resulting is something awesome like "sharknado 12: the muppets take manhattan" My only obstacles in making this inevitably hilarious concept into a reality is a lack of any considerable knowledge of code, and an inability to create a website (they kind of go hand in hand.) So basically this is my call to action to anyone who is willing to help make my idea real, and also can code/ build a basic website. Thanks for reading, and I'm hoping at least one person responds.