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    Website museum --> Does it exists ??

    I don't mean the sort of digital alternatives of museums like the Metropolitan or so.

    I'm thinking about a 'real-life' museum or website that contains information (or screenshots or complete sites even) about intresting/pioneering/historicaly important/inovative/ ... websites.

    I thought that surely, someone would have created such a 'museum'-site but i don't seem to be able to google one up.
    Anyone knows of one?

    (Don't tell me i need to add another project to my to-do list )

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    You can pull up old sites in the internet archive

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    Hmm. Yes indeed. Would certainly be usefull as a resource.

    But most dynamically generated sites wount be displayed (or only partialy) and you then also need to know what site you are looking for.
    An archive kinda serves a differnt perpuse then a museum, which in my opinion is typically a limited collection where 'experts' already made a selection and isolated the items that are worth preserving (however arbitrary their criteria are) + where they supply some additional info about the items of their collection.

    Thanks for the reply. Anyone else?


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