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    Uncool Moments in Tech

    Found these amusing/cringe-worthy yesterday:


    The "catching a laptop in your butt" one provokes the loudest "What were they thinking?" I mean, seriously?

    There's an MS-DOS 5.0 "rap" video link in the comments too:

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    Dear lord, those are awful. The dude at the end with the "Developers! Developers!" is the sweatiest creature I've ever seen. I feel embarrassed for him.

    Maybe I'm just not into being a developer that much, but I can't imagine why you'd get so excited about Developers that you make a fool out of yourself in front of hundreds of people. All those developers in the audience were thinking "Uh....what?"
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    I got totally stoked!!!! Then I followed that link to the re-mix which plays the chant over top of some dance trance rave track and I was hooked. My wife ripped out my speakers and threw them into the lake. Not really, but that makes for a funny visual. She was highly annoyed, especially because after listening to the chant I couldn't stop mumbling under my breath "developers developers developers developers". For the last couple of days if I had any reason to draw instant ire from my lovely bride all I have to do is start whispering "developers developers developers developers" and THEN IT'S ON LIKE A GIGATRON.


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