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    KDE's Kool Konventions

    Man, KDE is great. Their naming konventions are inkredibly kool. Fakt is, they're so kompletely not obnoKcious. People need to Kwit komplaining about it. I kould kchat all day about this, but I'm late for a konference with some klients and I really must get kruising along.

    What's your Kopinion about the Ks? Perhaps it's the work of some subtle (or not so subtle) white supremacists over at KDE.
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    iM not sure but iDon't think they are iNcompetent and iThink iT's good marketing.

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    I personally don't mind them. However, I don't use that many of kde's gui applications.
    As drhowarddrfine pointed out, it is a clever marketing scheme. Since a large portion of their programs are going to handled directly by end users, it's good to have good marketing. They have big version releases, and cool names to keep all the users hyped.

    However, if you look at something like the linux kernel, you won't find any exciting marketing techniques. Linus Torvalds himself says that they don't want nor need a marketing team to tell them when to change versions.

    This is why the linux kernel doesn't have sexy nick names and big version releases. They just have 2.6.x. There is good chance that more code is contributed between the release of a 2.6.x to a 2.6.x+1 than a lot of kde applications which go from 1.0 to 2.0. However, people get more excited because it jumped up a whole new version!

    But that's just my view.


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