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    Forum page load is very slow

    What the heck is going on?!? First, I try to get into the forums this morning and get an Account Suspended message. Now it's back, but I can try to bring up a page and go do something else for 2-3 minutes while the page loads. What gives?
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    Apparently there has been a DDoS attack on this site which is currently being resolved. chump2877 has more insight into this and will probably make a statement later on.

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    Hey guys,

    There was at least a 24-hour period where the CF server was getting hammered by some kind of (D)DoS attack. The attackers were targeting a single file in one of the vBulletin plugins. (This is not an indictment of vBulletin itself.)

    CF's hosting company temporarily disabled the relevant file of the corresponding plugin, and this did stop the attack -- but it also crippled CF's URL rewrites and hierarchy and generally resulted in a lot of HTTP 404 errors in the forum. So they eventually re-enabled the file.

    The hosting company also tweaked the server's firewall rules to try to block the attack, but that did not provide significant relief either.

    In the meantime, we moved CF's DNS to Cloudflare to help mitigate current and future (D)DoS attacks.

    Eventually, CF's hosting company offered the following solution:

    "After checking all this the best solution here is to migrate you to a new server.The datacenter you are in has had these issues with DoS attacks and has multiple routing issues.
    We were already in the process of scheduling your server to be migrated to a new server with new hardware and the latest technologies.
    This DoS issue should stop once migrated.
    After checking your configuration it seems like it will be a very seamless migration."

    As I type this, the server migration is occurring, and I will be updated when the migration is complete. So, when I know more, you'll know more.

    (Note: Even prior to the migration, the (D)Dos attack must have subsided some, because I was able to load pages OK -- albeit, still a little slower than normal.)

    With any luck, the issue will be resolved following migration to the new server.

    Also, while there is some talk about moving to a new hosting provider (maybe AWS?), it is only speculation at this time.

    So that's the scoop! Stay tuned for more juicy details as they continue to unfold....
    Regards, R.J.


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