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    Website didn't post thread

    I typed out a lengthy thread in the PHP section and to my demise it didn't post the thread. When I clicked the "Submit New Thread" button it did not submit. Instead, it asked me to log in. I was already logged in, but I guess after a certain period of time it logs you out. Which is ridiculous, but that is an entirely different issue. After logging back in it brought me to a blank page. No thread was posted. I clicked the back arrow to get back to the page where I typed everything to try and resubmit. To my horror it was all gone. All that stuff that I typed was completely gone. I was extremely frustrated and am still a bit steamed while typing this.

    I think that it would be prudent to not log users out of the website until they close the browser. Also the auto-save feature is a false sense of security since it didn't save the stuff I wrote. I am edit copying this before I hit the submit button. In hindsight, I'm silly for not doing this. However, it is a coding forum that has been around awhile so you'd expect for this kind of thing not to happen at this point.
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    Sincere apologies for any inconvenience.

    Looks like we have sessions set to expire after 1200 seconds or 20 minutes, but only for inactive users. So if you are typing for 20+ minutes and doing nothing else, it might log you out?

    There is also a "remember me" option that you can check when you login -- which seems to keep me logged in forever no matter what I do.

    What do other forum members think? Should I set a longer timeout for inactive users? How long is the right amount? If sessions never timeout, then the "who's online" feature will show that "everyone" is always online. It's also a security issue.

    Let me know.

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    Regards, R.J.


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